And Florida Makes 26!

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Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 543 into law. The new law strengthens the Second Amendment protected rights by allowing Floridians to carry a concealed firearm without a government issued permit, background check or mandatory training. The law goes into effect on July 1, 2023. Florida is now the 26th state to return to constitutional carry.

Florida’s move is significant as now more than half of the United States allows permitless concealed carry. Several more states also have constitutional carry bills working their way through their legislatures this year.

As expected, the usual suspects were hard at work trying to stop this. The gun-control zealots, led by the Democratic party, Moms Demand Action and a collection of other billionaire-funded organizations, all condemned the law as being reckless and claim it will lead to an increase in so-called “gun violence”. The usual comparisons to having to get tested and licensed to drive a motor vehicle (a privilege not a Constitutionally protected right) were argued, along with self-funded “research” PROVING the majority of Florida residents opposed it.

What the gun-control crowd doesn’t tell you is every time constitutional carry has been implemented in a state, violent crime has gone down. It has never been the “wild, wild west” or “blood flowing in the streets”, it’s been increased safety and security for the residents of the state. As for their polls, let’s just say research that starts with a conclusion then finds numbers to support it isn’t really research.

As was the case in Texas, ex-law enforcement/current firearm training company owners also opposed the law fearing the lack of mandatory training would negatively impact their business. What actually happened in Texas? More people sought out firearms training than ever before now that they were unburdened from the government permitting system. Go figure.

So, what is the big deal about not requiring a permit to carry a concealed firearm? It’s a barrier which keeps some people from being able to legally defend themselves outside the home. Even in more permissive states, permit requirements often involve application fees — sometimes substantial ones — interviews, fingerprints, and mandatory training. All of this takes time off from work and money which many people cannot afford. Requiring multiple trips for different stages to satisfy the requirements help keep those who can defend themselves a more exclusive club. How many other constitutionally protected rights are treated this way?

Crime and violence continue to skyrocket around the country thanks to extreme-left law makers and prosecutors who prioritize defunding police departments, rewrite laws to lower penalties for crime, release those previously convicted of crimes and fail to hold those committing new property and violent crimes responsible for their actions. The result is more and more people are taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their families. In many cases, this involves buying, owning and carrying firearms for self-defense.

Eliminating the need for government permission to be able to defend yourself in public is in the finest tradition of the Second Amendment.

Congratulations Florida!


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