And Georgia Makes 25!

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3 min readApr 18, 2022


Last week, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a law removing permit requirements for carrying a concealed firearms in the state. The law went into effect as soon as it was signed. The state already allowed open carry without a permit. Georgia’s move makes it the 25th constitutional carry state in the nation, the fourth to do so in 2022. As of today, HALF of the states have returned to constitutional carry.

Governor Kemp also signed another piece of legislation which allows concealed weapons permit holders from other states to carry legally in Georgia.

Naturally, the anti-gun zealots were hard at work to stop this from happening. The usual chorus of liberal extremists, anti-gun lobbyists and politicians-with-badges came out in opposition. Georgia Democrats claimed this new law will make it easier for criminals to carry guns, arguing that without a permit requirement, the police won’t be able to stop the bad guys.

Of course, existing Georgia law prevents police from asking to see a permit anyway, so combined with the fact that criminals have never needed a permit to carry illegally anyway, this statement means nothing.

Then there’s the video from a ‘former patrol officer’ who claims the new law will “make it easier for domestic abusers, violent criminals and the mentally ill to carry loaded guns” and calls it “criminal carry”. Unfortunately, this officer, who’s ad was paid for by the Democratic Party of Georgia and approved by Abrams for Governor, is lying or is ignorant of the law. Domestic abusers, violent criminals and the mentally ill have always been prohibited from carrying firearms. Constitutional carry in Georgia doesn’t change this. ONLY those who are legally permitted to carry a firearm in the first place will be able to do so without a permit.

Lying or ignorance, the citizens of Georgia are very lucky this person is a ‘former patrol officer’.

Thus the additional claim that “This legislation’s change would allow individuals with a criminal history who purchased a gun through a private sale — which is not subject to a background check — to now legally carry a weapon in our communities without any background check” means absolutely nothing. It is simply a scare tactic to instill fear and drum up support for more do-nothing-to-make-people-safe draconian gun control laws.

Thinking criminals won’t carry a firearm because they don’t have a concealed carry permit is downright foolish. Think about it. If you’re going to commit an armed robbery, burglary, assault, rape or homicide, are you really going to be deterred from carrying your tool-of-the-trade by not having a concealed carry permit? It’s the same flawed logic that says a “Gun Free Zone” sign posted at the entrance to a building will keep people safe from so-called “gun violence”.

A few years ago, there was an absolutely ridiculous article suggesting the terrorists were going to go to Vermont, a constitutional carry state, so they could legally carry a firearm to commit violent terrorist acts. Apparently moving to Vermont, establishing residency by renting or purchasing property to get a valid state address, going to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and presenting your birth certificate and other forms of legally required identifying information to get a Vermont driver’s license, allowing them to legally carry a firearm is how terrorists looking to kill people operate.

So, what is the big deal about not requiring a permit to carry a concealed, or open, firearm? It’s a barrier which keeps some people from being able to legally defend themselves outside the home. Even in “shall issue” states, permit requirements often involve application fees, sometimes substantial ones, interviews, fingerprints, and training. All of this takes time off from work and money which many people can not afford. Requiring multiple trips for different stages to satisfy the requirements help keep those who can defend themselves a more exclusive club. How many other constitutionally protected rights are treated this way?

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Congratulations Georgia!


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