And Nebraska Makes 27!

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Yesterday, Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen signed LB77, a bill to allow the permitless carry of concealed firearms. The law takes effect September 10, 2023. This makes Nebraska the 27th state for Constitutional Carry. The new law allows Nebraska residents to conceal a firearm, knife or any otherwise legal weapon in their clothes and vehicles without a government issued permit or mandated training.

The law also repeals some local gun-control laws, notably in Omaha, who will see about a dozen ordinances go away on September 10th including their local police concealable gun registry, concealed carry permits and training requirements. This preemption is a critical factor to have a single, consistent statewide legal standard vs. a patchwork of conflicting jurisdictional regulations.

Opposition was from the usual suspects, the left-wing extreme gun-control groups who refer to Constitutional Carry as ‘Criminal Carry’ and the left leaning larger law enforcement agencies who did not want to lose local licensing control and fees.

It is important to note the ability to conceal carry without a permit is for people who could legally purchase a firearm. It does not authorize criminals, drug addicts and others who would be prevented from purchasing a firearm the ability to carry one.

In case you haven’t noticed, the trend across the country is clearly towards less firearms restrictions instead of more.

However, this isn’t the case in the nanny states such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California. Even in the post Bruen era which should have put an end to the subjective concealable carry rules, these states have rushed to pass so-called “Bruen Response” laws to thumb their nose at the United States Supreme Court and impose even more severe restrictions for those who wish for nothing more than to defend themselves in public.

While many of the new “Bruen Response” laws have been suspended pending further legal proceedings, the quantity and scope indicate the utter contempt the state and local elected officials have for the Supreme Court.

These laws have impacted every aspect of legal concealed carry. At the application stage they have included massive increases in application fees, psychological exam fees, increases in training requirements and costs, along with shorter and more restrictive timelines, increased reference and family interviews and checks on social media accounts.

Should you be able to afford the increased fees and negotiate the multiple interviews to actually obtain a coveted concealed carry permit, the number of so-called “sensitive places” where permitted, concealed carry would not be allowed have increased to include nearly all private businesses, public parks, public transportation, public streets and your own vehicle. The restrictions go to a level where it would be practically impossible to leave your house and go anywhere without violating the law. And that really is the point. To make it so you can have a concealed carry permit, but it is essentially useless.

Of course, the impact is greatest for those who may need to defend themselves the most, those who take public transportation, work late shifts, go through, or live in areas wealthier people can just go around. Not everyone can afford the costs of multiple fees, training, and time off from work to get a concealed carry permit. This all contributes to restricting the ability to defend yourself and your family to those who can afford the ‘privilege’.

Crime and violence continue to skyrocket around the country thanks to extreme-left law makers and prosecutors who prioritize defunding police departments, rewriting laws to lower penalties for crime, release those previously convicted of crimes and fail to hold those committing new property and violent crimes responsible for their actions. The result is more and more people are taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their families. In many cases, this involves buying, owning and carrying firearms for self-defense.

Congratulations Nebraska!


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