Another Useless California Gun Control Bill

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4 min readJun 11, 2018


California is known for many things including an incredibly vast array of nature’s most beautiful beaches, mountains, forests and lakes. The state is also known for the most incredibly stupid gun control schemes, all created in the name of ‘public safety’. Of course all of them wind up doing the exact opposite and make the public less safe. So it should come as no surprise that this year’s bumper crop of idiocy includes gun control on firearm parts. I give you AB 2382; “The Firearms Precursor Bill”.

So what is a “firearm precursor part”? Much the same as a so-called “assault weapon”, it’s the latest political definition meant to outlaw and put a stranglehold on any and everything to do with firearms. It includes such things as:

· Firearm barrels
· All forms of ammunition feeding devices including, but not limited to, a magazine or speed loader
· Unfinished receivers — including AR, AK pattern as well as rifle, pistol, revolver and shotguns
· Upper receivers
· A finished slide to be used to enclose a handgun barrel
· A trigger pack or fire control group for a Heckler and Koch- or FN FAL-style firearm

To purchase one of these items — and the many more that will no doubt be added to the list when the DOJ creates their greatly expanded administrative rules. You will have to purchase from a newly created and licensed firearm precursor part vendor. Said vendor will need to run your information through the state’s background check system to verify your eligibility to purchase this non-firearm part. Records to be kept by the vendor include:

· The date of the sale
· The purchaser’s driver’s license number, full name, date of birth, full residential address and telephone number and signature
· The brand, type, and amount of firearm precursor parts sold or transferred
· The salesperson that transferred it.

No mail order, no self-importing from out of state, no moving into the state with the parts, no buying or selling directly with another person. All parts must be transferred through an approved firearm precursor part vendor.

If this is sounding a lot like purchasing a firearm it’s not by mistake. California wants to regulate every possible firearm part and accessory exactly like they will be doing with every round of ammunition — just like an actual firearm.

While this is ostensibly targeted at the “ghost gun” market, the reach goes far beyond that. By including items such as magazines, speed loaders, barrels, slides and uppers receivers it encompasses nearly all the commonly used parts that firearm owners purchase at some point. You have to wonder why this would be necessary since previously enacted “ghost gun” bills already require all self-made firearms from 80% parts to be serialized and, beginning on July 1, 2018, registered with the state.

The reason is actually pretty clear. They want to create a complete registry of all firearm owners and they know people have not and will not comply with the law. By targeting commonly needed parts, anyone who purchases these parts would only be doing so because they have a firearm to use it with. Therefore, they MUST own a firearm and are going on the registry. Even though it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway. The ONLY reason to create a list of firearm owners is so you will be able to later confiscate their firearms.

So why do I call this bill stupid? Because study after study of where criminals get their guns shows they do not do so through legal means. They get them by stealing or illegally through straw purchasers — duh… criminals! The ONLY people who will be impacted by this are the law-abiding citizens who will now pay much higher prices, more fees and — heaven help us — undoubtedly at some point waiting periods and purchase denials for firearm parts if they don’t match firearms you already have registered.

As always, gun control laws have nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with control of you — the law-abiding firearm owner. More fees, more licenses, more bureaucracy, more background checks and more entries into the registry of legal firearm owners doesn’t make anyone safer, it just prices more people out of being able to defend themselves and their families and sets them up for the inevitable all-out firearm ban and confiscation.

Still think it doesn’t matter who you vote for? There are now 148 days until the midterm elections.


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