Defend The Police

Our nation’s police are under attack like never before in our nation’s history. They are being made the scapegoat for all of our country’s problems, real as well as imagined. I make no apologies for being a strong supporter of our nation’s law enforcement officers and am calling BS on what is being blamed on them. I’m also going to suggest that the actual culprits, the ones who are responsible for what is happening in law enforcement, are the ones at the top. Yup, I’m looking right at you politician-with-badges chiefs and city councils. This disgrace, and all the lives lost because of it is on you. The blood is on your hands.

It is now socially acceptable to violently assault officers in this country. If an officer is making an arrest, it’s acceptable to jump in and beat them. It’s acceptable to violently resist arrest and help others escape custody. It’s acceptable to ambush, beat, stab and shoot officers in broad daylight. It’s now acceptable to kill officers just because they are officers. What the hell kind of world is this?

If you believe the rhetoric being spewed by rioters, anarchists and extremist city councils, law enforcement in this country is fatally flawed due to its tenuous at best association with slavery in the antebellum southern states. We’re told this, and only this history, not the roots from England and other parts of Europe, is what matters. Time, growth, law, policy and training mean nothing in this context and as such, police departments have been and always will be guilty of systemic racism and must be abolished.

But for a moment, let’s forget all that and look at modern law enforcement up until March 2020. Certainly, there have been issues, but politician-with-badges chiefs and city councils have updated and regulated their departments to be a better reflection of the values of their communities. The radically “new” concept of community policing was implemented to bring the departments closer to their citizens. Then one horrific incident changes everything. Now, suddenly “woke” by the mobs of anarchists and rioters demanding their heads, city councils are instantly able to recognize their own police departments, the ones THEY THEMSELVES have been responsible for, are and always have been incurably racist. I call BS!

They claim the lowly officer on the street is under trained and running rogue. Except of course, the officers are trained to the very standards and following the very policies the politician-with-badges chiefs and city councils set for them. But that doesn’t matter, it’s the cop on the street’s fault for doing what they were hired and trained to do.

Is the level of training provided to police officers enough? HELL NO! I have never, EVER met an officer who felt the amount of training they receive from their department is sufficient. For the majority of officers, the training is the minimum required by law, and nothing more. Training costs money and you need extra officers to cover the time away from their shifts — which means more money. But municipalities don’t want to spend money on that. It’s much cheaper to blame the officers and get rid of them.

With angry mobs backed up by biased media outlets at their doorsteps, departments are willing to throw their officers under the bus for the smallest perceived infraction, even if it complied with the law and department regulations. Due process, policy, legal precedent and evidence doesn’t matter, as long as it pleases the mobs. Officers are considered expendable.

While the politician-with-badges are kneeling their allegiance to the mobs and hiding behind their copies of 21st Century Policing, they are joining with their city councils to take away the tools the officers need to restore order from rioters and issuing stand down orders to allow the mobs to operate with impunity. It doesn’t matter if property is looted and burned to the ground. It doesn’t matter that our nation’s landmarks are damaged and destroyed. It doesn’t matter if people are assaulted and killed. The mob has carte blanch as long as they are rioting for the ‘right’ cause.

Politicians are working on creative ways to further restrict and punish police officers. Eliminating officers qualified immunity, while not being willing to remove their own liability protections, is just the latest punishment in advance. Efforts are being made to strip away officers’ certifications if X number of complaints are recorded against them, even if the complaints are determined to be false.

In New York City, certain restraint techniques are now chargeable offenses, even if not purposefully applied and no injuries occur. It has led the New York State Police Union to demand their officers to be pulled out of New York City, claiming there shouldn’t be two sets of standards in the state.

Side note: This may sound eerily familiar to the Second Amendment argument against allowing every municipality in a state to set their own gun control laws.

Just in case you’re thinking that because I was a law enforcement officer, I’m going to support other officers no matter what, understand this. Nobody hates bad cops worse than other police officers. Each and every professional officer out there wants nothing more than to see bad cops stripped of their badges and held accountable for their unlawful actions. Period.

Across the country, actual law enforcement leaders, chiefs who are defending their officers, are getting fired. Meanwhile, politicians-with-badges and the city councils they serve continue to demand around-the-clock protection from the very police departments they are vowing to defund. And if they are targeted by “terrorists” at their own homes, they demand swift justice from the soon-to-be-eliminated police. Ironic, isn’t it?

For anyone that doesn’t appreciate what that thin blue line does for them, take a look at what has been happening in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York right now. Police services being cut, restricted and withheld. Rioters, anarchists and thugs have been given control of the cities and the criminals and politicians are the only ones being protected. Is this the kind of country you want?

Welcome to the new world of Defund The Police.


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A weekly commentary on the issues, events and people impacting the Second Amendment community, the state, nation and world.

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Odd Stuffing

Odd Stuffing

A weekly commentary on the issues, events and people impacting the Second Amendment community, the state, nation and world.

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