F’ing Russians!

I’ve been quiet about this for too long! It’s time to join the confused masses clamoring on about “Russian Interference”. I for one say How dare they! I mean really, how dare a world super power try to influence activities outside its own borders! How dare they try to have political influence with every political party of other nations! How dare they promote their interests around the world! Don’t they know WE are the only ones who can do that!?!?

First off, of all the wild accusations of so-called Russian interference in our elections, nothing has been put forth that proves malicious interference. All we’ve seen so far is a lot of people yelling about the Russians doing this and the Russians doing that, without proof of Russian anything.

Where is the evidence? Let’s take a look back to some of the information Edward Snowden released about the capabilities of the NSA (National Security Agency). Basically every bit of electronic communication in, out and around our country is monitored. This very likely extends to every other country, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So, if in fact the ‘Russians’ hacked into our voting machines, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) email server, or any and everything else, the NSA knows about it. Somewhere, deep inside the NSA, an analyst — let’s call this analyst Pat — knows what really happened. Of course, Pat knows we can’t tell anyone about this, because then they would know what we know. But since we already know what they know, we know they already know we know what they know… don’t you know. (If this makes any sense to you, please immediately apply for a job at NSA.gov/careers)

And what kind of interference are we exactly looking for? I ask this because if we look at the history of our own nation, how many foreign governments have we overtly or covertly overthrown? This is to say nothing of the meddling or trying to influence different countries electoral processes, sometimes even with our own allies. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical of us to villainize in others the very same activities we consider patriotic?

Our nation does and always has tried to influence governments around the world. EVERY administration, from every party, from the 1800’s has done so, maybe even before. Of course, we meddle and force international regime change with smart bombs and signal intelligence only for the ‘right reasons’. It’s always for freedom, justice and the American way, to say nothing of mom, apple pie and baseball. The Russians apparently only use brutal and unnecessary force against unarmed civilian populations and underhanded hacking outside their borders to expand Mother Russia’s territory, possibly also for mom, borscht and vodka. At least we both are thinking about mom.

So why is this such a big deal? Are we so fragile and vulnerable to the outside world that any mention of another government trying to talk to our government or candidates for government offices, or private individuals about business or humanitarian programs around the word, that our system shuts down but for this new age McCarthyism witch hunt? Apparently so.

But while we’re looking under rocks and in dark alleys to disprove everyone’s loyalty to the country, let’s look at why we might be such an easy target. Depending on the source, during out last General Elections in 2016, our national voter participation rate was somewhere around 58%. Of course this doesn’t take into consideration ineligible voters, voting more than once, or those who continue to cast ballots long after they are dead. As General Elections go, this was a 20-year low.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 58% participation means 42% of our nation of 323 million did NOT vote, that’s roughly 135 million people who sat out the elections. That places us somewhere around 40th in the world for percentage of eligible population voting. The top countries score up in the 90’s.

And of those who did vote, how many actually learned about who and what they were voting for? I’m not talking about just listening to their favorite talking heads spewing inaccurate or libelous crap or the misleading sound bites about the various voter questions on the ballots, I’m talking about actually reading and learning what they are going to be voting on.

I’m very proud to be a United States citizen. We have a strong nation with more protections for natural rights than anyone else in the world. At the same time, we seriously suck at living up to what our Founding Fathers fought and died for. We take rights for granted and are so smug in our moral superiority that we allow our own government to whittle away our rights with only a whimper of protest. We let ourselves get distracted by the shiny, noisy objects jingled in front of our face and lose track of what is really important to us, as individuals and as a nation. If someone were able to meddle with our elections or our government, it’s only because we don’t care enough to not let it happen. The real threat to our republic isn’t from Russia; it’s from our own citizens not giving a tinkers damn about anything except our “feelings”.

F’ing Russians! How dare you expose just how weak we have become!


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A weekly commentary on the issues, events and people impacting the Second Amendment community, the state, nation and world.

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Odd Stuffing

Odd Stuffing

A weekly commentary on the issues, events and people impacting the Second Amendment community, the state, nation and world.

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