Go Ahead, Blame Me For Gun Violence Victims

A reply to one of my previous posts suggested that I should be held responsible if a member of my family were to be shot in a violent criminal assault — by someone else. I was going to respond just to her, but I thought it would be better to share it with everyone since it exposes the way some people feel about accountability when it comes to firearms. So, here’s my reply to you, Amber.

To my post on Another Useless California Gun Control Bill, you commented:

“And when your family member is shot in class, at work, or a concert, can we hold you responsible?”

My response: Yes, you may absolutely hold me responsible.

To explain why, let’s first look at whom we are holding responsible for criminal acts of violence. More often than not, the actual perpetrator isn’t the one blamed. Oh sure, if the violent psychopath doesn’t off himself after committing the crime, he will be arrested, tried and convicted. But that isn’t good enough. There has to be someone else to blame for this person’s violent act. Enter the Second Amendment scapegoat.

Anyone who advocates for an individual’s natural rights under the Second Amendment is automatically deemed complicit, or even worse, an accessory to every violent act committed with a firearm. The (il)logic behind this is if it weren’t for the Second Amendment advocate’s work to thwart new draconian gun control laws, the violence would never have happened.

Let’s be really clear here Amber, committing an act of violence towards another person is a choice these criminals consciously made. Yes, there are many societal reasons why people choose crime, issues that could be solved, but that’s another conversation. In the end, they chose to commit the crime, and we can only hold them responsible.

As for the tool used in the violent act, the gun control fanatics only seem concerned with the gun. If it weren’t for the gun, the crime, the violence, the death, would never have happened. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Violence is violence and it doesn’t care what tool is used. Personal weapons (hands and feet), knives and clubs are used far more often to kill another person in this country than all types of firearms combined. But somehow, the gun control fanatics only care if you were killed with a certain kind of firearm. Only then does your death become relevant to them.

Well guess what? You aren’t any more or less dead if you are killed with a so-called “assault weapon” than you are if you are killed by a revolver, knife, club, brick, fists, feet or a bow & arrow. Dead is dead.

A firearm, any firearm, is simply the inanimate object gun controllers don’t like other people having because it gives them freedom and means they don’t have to be completely dependent on the government for their personal safety. With it, a small, weaker person is no longer powerless against a much larger and stronger aggressor.

And let’s not forget how criminals get guns. Despite the rhetoric about so-called “gun show loopholes” and that it is easer to buy a Glock than a book, criminals most often get their guns through criminal means such as theft, burglary or through illegal straw purchases. News Flash!! Criminals don’t follow the law! This fact, and this fact alone, is why none of the gun control schemes will ever impact crime or public safety.

So what should I be held responsible for?

· I haven’t put an end to the so-called “Gun Free Zones” despite the fact 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in Gun Free Zones.

· I haven’t gotten the useless gun control laws that target only law-abiding citizens repealed.

· I haven’t gotten laws that promote crime by not punishing criminals or letting violent criminals out of jail early repealed.

· I haven’t gotten gun control elitist politicians at the local, state and national level replaced by people who believe in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the rule of law.

· I haven’t gotten the politicians with badges who believe the only peoples lives worthy of being protected by firearms in public are those of the government, social elite and their family and close personal friends replaced.

· I haven’t gotten Constitutional Carry laws enacted in every state or at least National Conceal Carry Reciprocity enacted at the Federal level.

· I haven’t trained enough people on firearm safety and marksmanship.

· I haven’t trained enough people on situational awareness and personal safety inside and outside the home.

· I haven’t trained enough people on confronting armed individuals and being able to defend their own lives and the lives of their families with firearms.

· I haven’t helped empower enough women who want to live free, independent and safe.

· I haven’t trained enough people on field trauma care so they can save their own lives or the life of someone else following an act of violence.

· I haven’t written enough or reached enough people to counteract the lies and deceit of the gun control zealots.

So yes Amber, should a member of my family be a victim of violence in a class, at work, at a concert or any other public or private place, you and the rest of the gun control elitists may hold me responsible because I didn’t do enough to make sure my family member or another law-abiding individual was there, legally armed and sufficiently trained and prepared to look evil in the face and stop it on the spot.

But quite honestly Amber, I don’t care if you and the rest of the gun control community blame me, I blame myself. I watch the news, I read the stories and I research the circumstances behind the violence myself. I’ve been the help that is minutes away when seconds counted. I’ve cared for the victims of violence and taken the perpetrators into custody with my own two hands. I understand that terrorists, criminals and thugs no longer fear the police, courts or jails. The only thing they fear, the only deterrence they will ever have, is a potential victim who is ready, willing and able to fight back. These are the people I need to help, and I haven’t reached nearly enough of them.

In a way Amber, I guess I should be thanking you for giving me the opportunity to quantify and share my goals with the rest of the world. I have a lot of work to do.


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