Gunsplaining 101

Gunsplaining… I bet you didn’t even know that was a thing. I certainly didn’t. It’s a play on Mansplaining, explaining something to someone, most often women, in a condescending or patronizing manner. Gunsplaining is said to be used by gun people to bully non-gun literate people because they don’t know the ‘jargon’ to shame them and shut down ‘discussions’ on gun safety. But here’s the thing. Call it what you want but Gunsplaining has an important purpose.

How many times have you heard your favorite gun control elitist pontificating about how all these deadly, no other purpose than killing children, guns need to be banned? They use terms like “assault weapons”, “weapons of war”, “military grade weapons”, “high capacity magazines” and “automatic weapons” to describe what they want to ban. Why do they use these terms? Because for the uninformed who are made afraid for their lives by the constant indoctrination from the gun control elitists, these are scary things. NOBODY needs these kinds of death machines, so we should ban them!

Look at what the movies and TV shows out of Hollywood show us. Every thug, gangbanger, criminal, and terrorist is armed with fully automatic rifles and pistols. When confronted, they indiscriminately spray entire neighborhoods with a never-ending ammo supply they never have to reload. Really??? Sadly, this is what people believe when they hear “guns”.

The reality is there are so few crimes committed with fully automatic weapons it’s almost impossible to find any information on them, in the neighborhood of less than half dozen since 1934, including legal and illegal firearms. With new fully automatic firearms not available for civilian purchase since 1986, and transferable ones costing 10’s of thousands of dollars with a year’s wait for the ATF licensing, Hollywood’s fantasy is just that. Of course, you have to realize Hollywood is a major proponent of gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens, so what’s wrong with scaring the peasants a little?

“Assault weapons” is one of the best misdirections in the gun control elitist’s playbook, since it is a politically invented term used to criminalize and ban an entire category of firearms. Aside from the fact there is no one definition of so-called “assault weapons”, it’s a term that just keeps expanding and expanding to include more and more firearms the politicians want to get rid of.

What is “assault weapon”? Depending on where you are, it’s a normal, every day semi-automatic rifle, shotgun or pistol with evil “military” cosmetic features. Parts such as pistol grips, adjustable stocks, flash suppressors or bayonet lugs do absolutely NOTHING to increase or decrease the “lethality” of a firearm. They only help classify something to be banned. Seriously, bayonet lugs? Apparently drive-by bayonetting is thing.

And here’s the most dangerous thing about politically defined categories of firearms. It never stops expanding. A number of states and communities have or are working to define “assault weapons” as any semi-automatic firearm with a detachable magazine, regardless of evil features. So basically, every semi-automatic ever made.

“Weapons of war” and “military grade weapons” are great scary terms. Gun control elitists and talking heads will point to a semi-automatic firearm and use these terms. This doesn’t take into consideration there isn’t a country in the world that arms their military with semi-automatic firearms, but I guess the way a firearm looks is more important than what it does.

I remember when a proposal to repatriate over a hundred thousand vintage M1 Garands and carbines to the United States from Korea was blocked by the previous US President who was later quoted “Weapons of war have no place on our streets.” Of course, the eight round, 30–06 caliber, 10 pound, 43.5 “ long M1 Garand isn’t exactly a criminal’s preferred firearm. Rather the World War II era “weapon of war” is prized by military firearm collectors and competitors, in other words — law-abiding citizens.

“High Capacity” magazines? Puleeze! See my recent post on The Myth of High Capacity Magazines at:

And finally, my new favorite misinformation is “fully semi-automatic”. Recently made popular by a former military officer who decided to sell his oath for a gun control payday, fired a semi-automatic slowly, and then pulled the trigger faster for “full semi-automatic” mode. Other than the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, the purpose was to prove to the uninformed just how deadly a “fully semi-automatic” firearm is.

So why is Gunsplaining important? Because the people who want to ban and confiscate guns are spreading lies about firearms, firearm “lethality” and firearm owners. Gunsplaining is about correcting misinformation that leads people to believe something that is not true. Gunsplaining is about the truth.

And here’s a final thought for the thin-skinned gun control elitists. Just because you don’t like something, you don’t get to call it bullying. And guess what, in the big-boy pants world, people are going to stay and do what they want. If what they say offends you, so what?!? Grow the hell up!


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