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5 min readApr 29, 2023

Like most of the nation, I struggle to come to terms with the shooting at an elementary school in Nashville. Not only for the horrific tragedy and loss of innocent life, but now for the absolutely bizarre aftermath of justifications and blame shifting. When the focus should be on the families of the victims and the survivors traumatized by the shooting, our woke society is telling us to be more tolerant of the shooter’s community. Sorry crazy people, I’m going to focus on keeping children safe.

Let’s start off with the most obvious fact. There is no justification, no understanding, no acceptance of anyone targeting a school and killing three defenseless staffers and three innocent nine-year-old children. Absolutely none.

While we grieve with the families of the victims, let’s take note of some facts.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) should be commended on not only their handling and prompt ending of the situation itself, but for the level of immediate and unprecedented disclosure of detailed information, surveillance, and body camera video from the incident. I don’t ever recall seeing as much information released, and as quickly, as done by the MNPD. Getting complete, detailed information out as quickly as possible minimizes the wild accusations, lies, rumors and spin that inevitably follow high profile incidents. Let’s hope this sets the standard for other law enforcement agencies around the country.

As for the individual officers who ran towards the gunfire and quickly eliminated the threat, there is no other word than heroic. They put their lives on the line and prevented the further loss of life quickly and effectively. This IS the standard every single law enforcement officer in the country should be held to.

But then the absurd started. The MNPD released the identity of the shooter as a 28-year-old female, based on the corpse of the person shot dead by police. But no, that wasn’t correct according to the transgender community. This was a trans person whose pronouns were he/him and it was insulting to refer to the killer as a female.

Just a thought here, but perhaps the trans community should implement a Medic Alert type system so officers, medics and rescue personnel can get the correct, up-to-the-moment gender and pronoun information on murderers before they make statements to the press. I’m sure this would avoid a lot of hurt feelings. In the meantime, let’s all just use the proper pronouns for someone who targets and kills children, psychopath/murderer.

A bit facetious? Absolutely. But it’s difficult to take anyone who comes to the defense of a psychopath/murderer of children any other way.

I’ll be honest. When the information about the shooter came out, I figured one of two things was going to happen. The shooting itself was going to get buried in the news since the shooter was not the right race and sex, or the news media/gun-control community/government would toss aside said transgender shooter the way they had with women after the #metoo movement and the black community after #blm. Boy was I wrong.

Instead, you’ve seen a full court press on both gun-control and transgender rights.

Anyone that argues against gun-control is contributing to the killing of children. Gun-control mouthpieces specifically blamed Republicans and the NRA for being directly responsible for these killings. Never mind that to date no Republicans or NRA members have ever committed any mass shooting OR that their policies are the only ones that have ever prevented or stopped mass shootings. But it’s still their fault.

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Anyone that attempted to connect the shooting to the trans community was labeled transphobic. The justifications ranged from bizarre to disgusting. Some saying it was the anti-trans and/or religious community itself that instigated this, to the shooter having no other choice. Yes, there was no other choice but to kill innocent children.

A Trans Day of Vengeance rally scheduled just days after the shooting was cancelled and references to the event poster by others were removed by social media companies. Even though the group organizers tried to rationalize “Vengeance means fighting back with vehemence”, the association with violence was proving difficult to sell. This led to the new, kinder and gentler, Trans Day of Visibility.

What we’ve seen from the extreme left politicians to the White House since has been sympathy for the trans community and calls for understanding, but no condemnation of the killer for the senseless violence or deaths of the three school staff and three nine-year-old children. After all, it was the GUNS that were responsible for this, not the psychopath/murderer.

Among the numerous writings the killer left behind was a supposed manifesto. It is currently in the hands of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit who is resisting releasing it for ‘public safety reasons’ as it is so detailed to be a “blueprint on total destruction.” There are also reports that the FBI doesn’t want to release it as the contents as would be unflattering to the transgender community. The FBI is rationalizing keeping it under wraps from an “investigative standpoint” vs. the public is only looking to see it from a “curiosity standpoint”.

Manifestos written by psychopath/murderers are notoriously nonsensical, self-centered, psychotic ramblings which often stray so far from the actual truth as to be considered fantasy. They are written to justify their actions to the world and increase their own notoriety once they’ve been killed for their cause. All of them should be read with a hefty grain of salt but reading them is important.

Shouldn’t the ordinary people who provide security for their local schools, churches, business, private event gatherings or even providing protection for yourself and family at home or in public have access to information that might help them prepare for and prevent future occurrences? Even if the text is 95% psychotic propaganda, knowing what a psychopath/murderer wrote can help save lives. I call that far more of a vested interest than a “curiosity standpoint”.

MNPD and Tennessee Governor Bill Lee have both recently commented the documents left behind by the shooter would be released to the public very soon. At the same time, the FBI has already ruled (ruled??) it cannot be released in its entirety, so we’ll see if full disclosure or restricting access to only the least accountable law enforcement agency in the country wins out.

In the meantime, let’s not forget what happened here. Three school staff and three nine-year-old students lost their lives at the hands of a psychopath/murderer. While mourn for the families and the community, we need to commit to placing someone who will stop further bloodshed between the innocent and the potential killers.


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