No Gun Control Without Dead Children

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4 min readMay 15, 2023

I think I’ve been crystal clear at what is at stake with school safety and gun control. The extreme leftist gun-control activists are willing to sacrifice your children to achieve their goal of disarming law-abiding citizens. But it’s not just willing to, it’s actively working towards getting school children slaughtered to sway public opinion to the only so-called “common sense” solution, more gun-control.

Remember, gun-control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun-control.

Apparently losing traction on the imaginary “school-to-prison pipeline” argument of getting law enforcement officers out of schools, the new approach is student mental health.

A recent social media post from the Moms Demand Action — ME shows the level of absolute disregard for children’s lives they are willing to go to keep parents, teachers and school boards from stopping school shootings.

According to a senior director of research at Everytown: “The cumulative impact of shooter drills, lockdowns, metal detectors, armed teachers and other school-hardening measures is an environment that feels inherently unsafe for American’s school children. The most effective way to keep kids safe in school is to implement proven school safety programs and programs that prevent gun violence, including secure firearm storage.”

Let me translate this for you. It’s better to remove any means to deter a psycho/murderer from targeting the school, or stop them once they do get there, or keep children from getting killed in event of a school shooting incident, because that creates an environment “that feels inherently unsafe”.

Yes, you read it correctly, secure firearm storage laws will prevent the killer who already has possession of a gun, right along with the violence shield created by a Gun Free Zone sign.

As states and cities are pushing to provide funding for armed school resource officers and staff on school campuses, Giffords Law Center, the free legal provider for gun-control states, cities, and towns around the country, produced another one of their biased “research” efforts showing incidents occurring when people bring guns to school grounds.

As you might expect, it conveniently leaves out many details. Some incidents were firearms found in restrooms, a sad but extremely preventable occurrence. Others were by parents/guests at the school, completely non-school related off-school property issues, or the horrific ‘saw a teacher’s gun’. Everything is stuffed in together to make the numbers appear larger than they really are.

How many of these incidents were by school staff screened and trained for carrying firearms? That is usefully ambiguous. Also unmentioned is how many school shootings there have been at schools where staff and teachers are armed. Hint: The number is zero, but Giffords won’t tell you that.

Even in my own state, there is the insanity of thinking Gun Free Zones actually protect lives. A simple wording change to clarify the current law banning the discharge of firearms on private property withing 500 feet of a school to explicitly exclude self-defense has been met by fierce resistance from the usual suspects/zealots of gun-control.

In one person’s testimony against the bill:

“Gun owners living close to school zones should consider moving for the safety of the children if they can’t abide by the law. The reason why it is prohibited to discharge a gun in a school zone is to protect the public, specifically children. Children who may be on the playground during recess, children walking to and from school, children being dropped off and picked up in school parking lots.”

From a criminal’s point of view, what a bonanza! Not only are you free to bring a gun and commit whatever crime and violence they wish (because they’re criminals, and criminals don’t obey the law) at a school without any fear of being stopped, injured, or killed, but also at homes and on the street within 500 feet of the school.

By the way, have you ever wondered why 500 feet? Like many of the ludicrous zoning laws around the country designed to keep firearms retailers out of their cities, the 500-foot rule is meaningless and has no basis in any safety metric. A modern pistol or rifle bullet can fly a mile or more, although with very little accuracy save a few highly skilled marksmen. Yet a 500-foot imaginary safety zone, where you can actually SEE what could potentially be hit by a bullet, somehow makes sense.

Even the gun-control activists occasionally say the quiet part out loud. Without enough news stories about dead children, they can’t get gun bans in place. So, they do everything they can to keep these horrific incidents occurring.

As we’ve seen time and time again, killers prefer unarmed victims and the best place to find them is in Gun Free Zones. 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in Gun Free Zones. Statements and writings from the murderers themselves show they choose locations where there is no armed security, and their intended victims are not allowed to carry firearms for self-defense.

Sadly, this insanity is happening in cities and towns across the nation. The fallacy that burying your head in the sand under a little plastic Gun Free Zone sign is the best and only way to keep your children safe at school.


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