No More Second Amendment Concessions

Following any tragic incident, there are calls for stricter gun control measures. If you don’t agree to further restrictions on your Second Amendment rights, they say you are not willing to compromise in the name of public safety. But isn’t compromise what law-abiding firearm owners have been doing all along? Isn’t every gun control law ever passed a compromise to “Shall not be infringed”? Maybe it’s time to stop compromising and recognize the failure of gun control.

Look at the history of gun control and you’ll see nothing but compromise after compromise. We’ve seen compromises on the calibers of firearms we can own. We’ve seen compromises on the make and model of firearms we can purchase. We’ve seen compromises on the number of firearms we can purchase at any one time. We’ve seen compromises on our ability to retain our legally owned property by having to register our firearms for the inevitable confiscation, or turn them in for destruction now.

And it doesn’t stop with the firearms themselves. We’ve compromised on the type of accessories we can own, the type and amount of ammunition we can purchase, how we must store and transport our firearms, and most of all, whether or not we can carry a firearm with us for personal protection outside the home.

When is the last time you heard of a compromise on gun control restrictions? When is the last time you heard about a rollback of Second Amendment infringements? Well, that’s not the way gun control works. Gun control is a one-way street; it only gets stricter with the eventual goal of complete civilian disarmament.

Take a look at the cities and states with the strictest gun control laws and you’ll find the highest crime rates in the country. Not just “gun violence”, violence of all kinds — which are far more deadly and common than “gun violence” — as well as every other kind of crime. Yet gun control elitists explain all this away as being due to “loopholes” in the laws they themselves enacted. So they implement more gun control. If gun control is so damn effective, why is it they are always pushing for MORE gun control?

As I’ve stated before, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Instead of focusing on stripping away rights from the law-abiding, how about enforcing the laws we already have and holding the people who actually commit crimes responsible for their actions? Every day around our country, prosecutors at all levels fail to take action on clear violations of the law. State lawmakers reduce the penalties for crime and release violent criminals from prison. Crime in our communities rises and the call goes out for — more gun control.

Recently the police chiefs in my gun control county released an article in response to the Parkland tragedy titled: Commentary: Gun practices that will make a difference. Among the comments: “California should continue to place reasonable restrictions and limits on future sales or transfers of assault rifles and other firearms that have high capacity magazines and fire high-velocity bullets. Gun lobbyist must be reasonable, working in good faith with government, to find real solutions.” As well as: “The question becomes, are we willing to make a personal sacrifice to save lives?”

As we’ve seen before, our local chiefs are unable to differentiate between “assault rifles” (select fire / fully automatic) which have not been available without significant Federal regulations in the United States since 1986 and even so are NOT legal in California, and California’s so-called “assault weapons” (regular semi-automatic rifles with “evil” features) which were outlawed for sale or transfer in the state last year and must be registered or surrendered by July 1st this year. Of course, Californian’s haven’t been able to purchase so-called “high-capacity” magazines since 2000 and “high-velocity bullets” covers nearly all rifle caliber firearms from modern sporting rifles to every hunting rifle ever made. These wildly inaccurate and inflammatory comments serve only one purpose, to shame and demonize law-abiding firearm owners and cast them as being a threat to public safety.

For politically appointed executives who either outright deny their citizens the right to effective self-defense outside their homes or insist on a “good cause” above and beyond the ability of law enforcement to protect them, as solely defined by each executive, it is easy to talk about sacrifice. All sacrifices they are exempt from ever having to make themselves.

Safety doesn’t come from making yourself weaker or more vulnerable and susceptible to violent crime. Safety comes from strength, a privilege those who have are not willing to share.

For those of us who are already heavily restricted, have compromised on so much, have had so many of our rights taken away, maybe it’s time we ask someone else to compromise this time.


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