Sacrificing Our Children

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5 min readJun 6, 2022

I am shocked, angry, and disgusted.

As we await the final details of what happened in Uvalde, Texas, I am shocked at the horrific loss of young, innocent life. I cannot even imagine what would possess someone to commit such an atrocity. I am angry that the now commonplace, proven best practices were not followed and for the response that may have cost lives. I am disgusted by the politicians who jumped in front of the nearest camera to push their political agenda while children were still bleeding. Disgusted, but at the same time not at all surprised.

There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered here and I fear it will be quite some time before all the facts are brought to light. Some are likely to be very disturbing. Like most everyone else, I will wait until the investigation is complete.

What I will comment on now is the disgusting display of anti-gun politicians, activists and talking heads who immediately upon hearing the news of this horrific event, grabbed their prewritten and staged gun control plans, and raced to the nearest willing “news” outlet to spew their lies about how THEIR new gun control laws must be enacted now! All of this while the bodies of those killed are still warm and the injured are still bleeding, fighting for their lives.

Who have these gun control zealot politicians, activists and so-called journalists blamed for this shooting? The Texas Governor (for making it easier to carry concealed firearms to protect yourself in public); Republican politicians at the local, state and federal level (for supporting the Second Amendment); The firearm manufacturer, distributor and retailer (who all followed the absolute letter of the law); The NRA (who held their annual convention the weekend following the shooting and have yet to have a member responsible for a mass shooting); And every responsible firearm owner who’s ever owned a AR-15 pattern rifle (since AR-15’s only exist to kill innocent people en masse).

Notably absent from the to blame list for this tragedy, and every other shooting that doesn’t fit a certain left-wing narrative, is the actual person who committed it, the killer. It’s almost as if a deraigned psychopath who commits murder isn’t important in the greater push for more gun control.

So why haven’t schools been hardened and secured, with armed police/security on duty at every school? Here’s my theory, and it’s not very nice:

The anti-gun zealots are willing to sacrifice our children to get more restrictive gun control passed. What better way to get votes than to have sensational news and social media coverage about dead children killed by GUNS. They categorically refuse to consider any other option to prevent the loss of innocent lives. It is ONLY about the GUNS, and little coffins make that happen.

Don’t believe it? California had already banned properly trained and licensed teachers and administrators from carrying firearms on school grounds. This reversed a previous law allowing local superintendents to decide if and who could be armed. Now California is considering a bill, passed in the Senate two days AFTER the shooting in Uvalde, which would allow schools to not report threats or attacks against employees or officials to law enforcement.

There has been a nationwide left-wing push to remove police officers from schools because of alleged police “explicit and implicit racism” and an imagined “school-to-prison” pipeline. Thus, the very people who should be working inside schools to protect students and staff from those who mean them harm are intentionally kept away. Meanwhile, schools are protected by signs declaring them as a “Gun Free Zone”.

Keep in mind 98% of all mass shootings in the United States since 1950 have occurred in a “Gun Free Zone”.

The final word comes from the President of the United States who refuses to consider hardening schools since only guns are the problem. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says proposals that deal with “hardening schools…is not something that” President Biden “believes in” b/c “the problem is with guns” in America.

What would help? Schools hardened against threats, single entrances, locks, alarms, surveillance systems and armed law enforcement on site and trained/armed teachers and school staff. None of this is new. Following the Columbine massacre more than 20 years ago, everything about school security and law enforcement response to active shooters changed. There are programs all across the country to evaluate school security and create a plan to bring them up to date. Elected officials only need to ask for the help.

It’s not like politicians don’t like hardened buildings and armed police on site. Look at the offices and buildings our United States Representatives and Senators work in. Look at every state capitol around the country after the fictional threat of a nationwide attack circulated. Look at local school board meetings where law enforcement officers are in the aisles to protect the school board and arrest parents who dare to question them. Look at the FBI who, despite denials, are investigating concerned parents as domestic terrorists.

Would it cost a lot? Yup, it sure would. But while our federal government is sending billions of dollars overseas, it defers school security decisions, and costs, to the state and local levels. Meanwhile, our same federal government is more than willing to impose new draconian gun control laws across the country to every state and local jurisdiction.

Several states, including California and New York, as well as the federal government, are rushing to ram through massive gun-control packages while emotions are still raw. This repulsive effort is directly out of the playbook of former Presidential Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, which states: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. The tragic loss of life is simply an opportunity to progress an agenda that couldn’t get traction before.

Naturally, none of the proposed new laws would have done anything to prevent this tragedy or any other criminal act. They only impact the law-abiding, making them less safe.

Remember, gun control does absolutely nothing to increase public safety and the answer to fix that shortcoming is always to implement more gun control.

Our nation doesn’t need new laws, it simply needs to enforce the ones we already have. We need to hold those who commit crime accountable for their actions. Social justice district attorneys across the country are refusing to do their jobs and prosecute people who break the law. This has directly led to massive increase in violence and crime. On the rare occasion criminals are actually caught by a defunded police force, they are seldom held more than a few hours and rarely go to prison anymore. That’s not much of a disincentive to committing any type of crime and the results of these social justice experiments can be seen across the country.

And what about fixing our mental health care system? That’s a whole nother story.

Something does need to be done, and it’s getting rid of politicians willing to sacrifice our children in order to push their dangerous and irresponsible gun control only agenda.

Yes, it does matter who you vote for.


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