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While California in general and San Francisco specifically are known as the nation’s high price leaders, there’s at least one area where the prices are going down, down, down. I’m talking about the price of committing crime. Thanks to the policies of the politically woke left, San Francisco’s cost of crime is dropping to far more affordable levels for the city’s criminals.

Wait, you say you aren’t a criminal and this adversely affects you and/or your business? TOO BAD! You are NOT San Francisco’s priority.

Having worked in San Francisco years ago, I can attest it was a beautiful city. The key word is was. It’s now an open sewer where those who dare to walk the street must navigate the homeless encampments, aggressive and assaultive homeless and other armed street criminals, as well as human piss and poop.

Nearly every day there is a report of another retailer who is closing their San Francisco stores. And I’m not talking about the multitude of family run, mom & pop shops who have been the lifeblood their local neighborhoods for decades and nobody in San Francisco politics care about, I’m talking about the big, national brands where the wealthy people shop. You’d think that would give the city something to think about, but no.

Stores like Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Whole Foods, Saks off 5th, Anthropologiem, Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, Uniqlo, Arc’teryx, The RealReal, CB2, Banana Republic, Crate & Barrel, The Container Store, DSW, Marshall’s, Gap, T-Mobile, and multiple locations of both CVS and Walgreens have closed or are in the process of closing now.

The reason? Crime. Rampant, uncontrolled crime. Not only are the stores being looted daily thanks to the softer-than-soft on crime city policies, but the stores cannot provide a safe environment for customers or staff. Violent assaults are common as is property damage, drugs and harassment from the city’s homeless and criminal population.

A recent photo of Target showed rows of merchandise behind locked gates in an effort to stem the cost of the daily lootings. While I’ll give them credit for being willing to go to that extreme to stay in business at this location, what kind of a shopping experience does this provide? Every item requires a store employee to retrieve it. Even the most tolerant of the city’s remaining left-wing residents admit to going to other stores because of the severe inconvenience. How long before San Francisco stores need to go to the high-crime-mini-mart model where no customers are allowed in the store and all business is transacted through bullet proof glass?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?” YES the children are involved too. No longer is mass theft, looting, assaults and property damage the exclusive activity of adults. Children, including pre-teens, are involved in these crimes. Apparently, the concept of parenting left San Francisco long before the businesses did.

San Francisco has boldly responded to the cries for help from some of the remaining malls and will be stationing two city police officers at each mall, every day. Keep in mind this is the same city that defunded the police department to the tune of $120 million dollars, is down hundreds of officers and responds to calls in hours, if at all. But pulling two officers for each for the malls off the streets won’t cause a problem for the rest of the city, right?

However, the recent killing of a tech executive illustrates the level of lawlessness in San Francisco quite nicely. Prosecutors have said the accused killer could face a sentence of up to 26 years to life if convicted of all charges.

I guess I’m old because I remember when a premeditated homicide, which is what this is being charged as, called for the death penalty, or at least a mandatory sentence of life. Not so much in the City by the Bay. Technically speaking, California does have the death penalty, but the governor/Presidential wannabee decided to do away with that for all the prisoners on death row. This despite the citizens of California TWICE voting in favor of the death penalty.

Of course, getting sentenced to 26 years and serving 26 years are two completely different things in California. Although, the victim was wealthy, high up and connected in the ever-deteriorating San Francisco tech community, so that might play into the sentencing. Still, with California’s policies of emptying out prisons, even for the most heinous of criminals, I’d be damn surprised if the murderer served 10 years. We’ll see if the victim’s two young daughters have reached adulthood by the time their father’s killer is set free.

San Francisco, like the rest of the country’s large, liberal run cities are seeing what happens when you shun the police and embrace criminals. Crime is rampant and unchecked, businesses, and their customers are leaving in droves because they know they are not safe and their city governments, defunded police departments and social justice soft-on-crime prosecutors will do nothing to hold the CRIMINALS responsible for their actions.

But hey, the good news is the cost of at least one thing in San Francisco, California is going down. The bad news is it’s crime.


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