The New White House Gun Control Office

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3 min readOct 1


In case you missed it, the President has created a new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. The office will be led by the Vice President and will reportedly focus on gun safety in the country. Of course, that’s not the actual intent of this new federal program. It is, like all the other so-called “gun safety” programs, to advance gun control laws designed to take rights, and firearms, away from law-abiding citizens.

As is typical, the emphasis of this new gun control office is on “gun violence”. Not violence, not crime, not victims, not injuries, not suffering, not death; but “guns”. Will it care if you were stabbed to death? No. Will it care if you were beaten to death? No. Will it care that rampant, out of control crime, drugs and violence tearing apart our cities and the people who dare venture out in the streets, day or night? No.

It’s only focus is on “guns”. Why? Because that’s the easy fix in the fantasy world of gun control. Simply take away the guns and the violence will go away. Except, that’s not how things work in the real world. Gun control laws only impact the normally law-abiding firearm owners. Restricting how law-abiding firearm owners buy, possess, and carry firearms and ammunition does nothing to prevent criminals, thugs and terrorists who by the very definition of who they are do NOT obey the law. They will always be able to obtain and use guns as tools of their trade and with disarmed victims, their job is made easier and safer.

As always, the term “gun safety” is used whenever they are talking about “gun control”. The why is easy to understand. Gun safety has a long and specific meaning in this country. Quite simply, it means to use firearms in a safe and responsible manner. By co-opting the term “gun safety”, it makes it sound like the gun control groups are interested in safe and responsible firearm usage. What conscientious, responsible firearm owner would not want to be behind more gun safety? Except gun safety to them means taking away your ability to buy, own, carry or use your own firearm.

What will this new federal gun control office focus on? Supposedly devising new executive orders for the President to sign, coordinating gun control across federal agencies, influencing Congress, as well as coming up with more creative interpretations of the so-called “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” (BSCA). By elevating the gun control extremists into a White House sponsored lead activist position, they will have even more influence of the gun control agenda.

If there is any good news in this announcement it is that it will be led by our Vice President, whose performance history on White House initiatives such as being the Border Czar show only the opposite of success will occur. The bad news being she is simply a clumsy, ineffective figurehead for the professional and now government paid high-level gun control lobbyists who will be running the show. And now, they have White House stationery.

My message remains the same. The ONLY way to keep more gun control laws from being passed is to STOP electing people who will not protect our natural, constitutionally protected rights.


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