Two MORE Weeks To Flatten The Curve

  • Mask mandated in public and in your own home with limited exceptions, violators will be fined
  • Stay at home except for essential trips such as for food, water and emergency medical care
  • Curfews from 10 pm to 5 am
  • Closure of all non-essential businesses
  • Businesses allowed to remain open must close between 10 pm and 5 am
  • No in-home gatherings larger than six people from more than two households
  • No in-person classes for high schools and colleges
  • No organized sports EXCEPT professional sports
  • Restricted religious services without singing, chanting or playing instruments
  • And… be sure to report your neighbors for violating the rules this holiday season!



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Odd Stuffing

Odd Stuffing


A weekly commentary on the issues, events and people impacting the Second Amendment community, the state, nation and world.